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 Personal Institution de Spooky Tuesday

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Personal Institution by Spooky Tuesday from the album "Happy Dissonance" transcribed by Tyler Clark tclark@hsonline Chords (they're all just major bar chords) B E G# F# e| 7 0 4 2 b| 7 0 4 2 g| 5 1 5 3 d| 6 2 6 4 a| 6 2 6 4 e| 7 0 4 2 Intro: B E G# F# E G# F# (2x) Chorus: B E G# F# E G# F# Everything'll be alright when you're lookin' in through the walls B E G# F# E G# F# Everything'll be all fine when you stick you're head in through the halls. verse: E G# F# I like the way you look at me through the corner of your eye as you write on your sheet E G# F# About what you think I see and interpret what I say E G# F# I see a hallway, fountain by door number thirty-three E G# F# Can I get off my hands now, mommy let me go E G# F# E Play with the kids in the waiting room, read a magazine about life It just continues from there. Sorry, I didn't want to write out all the lyrics. They can be found on Spooky Tuesday's homepage. May God bless you all. 2Timothy 1:7 Keep the word alive.