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 Genie de Springbok Nude Girls

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Song: "Genie" - (extract from the album "Afterlifesatisfaction") Band: Springbok Nude Girls Tabbed By: Alex G For all the Nudies fans (and I know there are fuckin'numbers !), another kick ass song from the South African Rock band, the Nudies, unfortunately even if they broke up ! Grab ure guitar and Jam ! Enjoy Standard tuning: EADGBe (palm muting) Chords: ------- Power chords (barred chords) Intro - Verse : (Main Theme) -------------- V ^ V ^ V ^ V V ^ e|--------------------------------------------------- b|--------------------------------------------------- g|--------------------------------------------------- d|--7-7-7--6--7-7------------------------------------ a|--5-5-5--4--5-5-7-9-5------------------------------ E|----------------5-7-3------------------------------ That's it ! Enjoy and e-mail me ure suggestions if u want !