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 Good Times Bad Times de Squad 5-0

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Good Times Bad Times - Squad 5-0 sur Guitariff.net
Artist: Squad 5-0 Album: Fight the System Song: "Good Times Bad Times" Tabbed by: Ivan R. Doyle B5 C5 B5 C5 E5* D5 A5 Looking back, I remember the times we’ve had and what B5 C5 they mean to me. Through the good and through the bad we’ve B5 C5 E5*D5 A5 always stood side by side to see each other through. E5* B5 D5 A5 CHORUS: Cause I know what it’s like to feel your pain, E5* B5 D5 cause I’ve been there before and I’d go back again to keep D5(?) you safe with me. The rhythm changes on this part, but it’s almost the same chords as the chorus; E5* B5 D5 A5 E5* B5 D5 A5 repeat until ending, which is: B5 C5 B5 C5 E5* D5 A5 B5 *The E5* power chord is the octave: G--9- D--9- A--7- That’s it! Squad 5-0 is the bomb, get the album and enjoy. All their songs are fun to play, and I’ve figured out five now, so learn them! God bless! > >Ivan R. Doyle >