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No One - Squad 5-0 sur Guitariff.net
band: Squad 5-0 song: No One album: What I Believe My friend let me borrow the CD and i think this is mostly right, the verse might be off though.  Intro: G A D C G            A                    D                C Last night I had a dream, you and I, we were brothers again G                A                         D                 C in my dream it seemed so real, why can't it be that way again G              A                   D                     C  Saw you yesterday man, I felt the power of Christ that binds us G                A                        D                       C Why can't we work it out man, Get together put the past behind us G              A                           C  D No one can tear us apart         No one    (repeat a couple of times) If there's something wrong (which there probably is), then e-mail at Gods Punk1@aol.com