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 What I Believe de Squad 5-0

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What I Believe - Squad 5-0 sur Guitariff.net
"What I Believe" Squad 5-0 tabbed by:krtharrk@uwc.edu (Intro)C,G,A,G x3 C G A G Alright stop,wait cause im confused C G A G By the things that you say ,and the things that you do C G A G You think I'm Dumb,I think Im young C G A G I've learned from my mistakes and I pray that you learn from yours C G A G Cause now I think its time,we look at each other face to face C G A G and make peace some how some way (chorus) Ska Strum And ska Chords C G its what I believe,thats what I believe A G In god Above, and unity C G its what i believe ,thats what i believe A G ego trips just get in the way (BAck to first verse) Second time chorus ending C G A G What I believe ends on C