Squier Billy


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 My Kinda Lover de Squier Billy

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My Kinda Lover - Squier Billy sur Guitariff.net
My Kinda Lover - Billy Squier tabbed by Joey Ferrante (gt7002b@prism.gatech.edu) I'm not sure if all of the chords are right, but it sounds pretty good to me. Corrections welcomed and appreciated. E-|------------------|------------------| B-|------------------|------------------| G-|-5---5---5-5---5--|--5---5---5-5---5-| D-|-5---5---5-5---5--|--5---5---5-5---5-| A-|-3---3---3-3---3--|--3---3---3-3---3-| E-|------------------|------------------| C You've got me runnin' baby, G You give me something way beyond revenue C You put the magic in me, G I feel the magic when we do what we do Am C G Am And Oh, now I can't do without you for too long C G You're my situation [CHORUS] Am F You're my kinda lover, my kinda lover G Am My kinda lover Am F My kinda lover, my kinda lover G Am My kinda lover You keep me altogether, You take me out whenever I'm lettin' down You've the the motions baby, I've got a notion maybe I'll stick around 'Cause Oh, I can't live without you for too long I can't see a reason D C Well when you come 'round I never get down, lie across the floor G Am I can see you comin' on me and I can't ask for more D C Rock me sock me baby you've got me ridin' to the end G Am Rape me shape me baby you make me, turn me on again You got my motor racin', I find my thoughts embracin' your every move Now I want to sex you with me I want to make you feel the way that I do And Oh, now I've been thinkin' 'bout you for so long Now I don't wanna lose you