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 Passengers Seat de Stephen Speaks

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Title: Passenger's Seat Artist: Stephen Speaks Album: No more Doubt Tabbed By: Renz Edward "AnGeLs_BrEaTh" Sui Version: 1.2 Note: This is my first tab to make so this tab is prone to errors Tuning: Guitar 1(Lead)=Standard tuning with Capo on 5th Fret Guitar 2(Rhythm)=Standard tuning Bass = Standard Legend h = Hammer on / = Slide ^ = Bend x = Mute r = Release ~ = vibrato P = Left Hand Pluck G = 320033 G/F# = 2X0033 Em = 022000 C = X32010 D = x00232 D7 = X00212 Cadd9= x32033 Bm7 = x24232 Intro Guitar 1 Intro: e |---------------| B |------3-----3--| G |----2---0h2----| D |--0------------| A |---------------| E |---------------| Verse: e |-----------------2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| B |---------------0h3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3---------------------| G |---------------0h2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| D |---2--2--2--2--0h4--4x-x4--4x-x4-4-4-4---------------------| A |---3--3--3--3--0h2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| E |---2--2--0--0--0h2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| e |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3-----------0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0----| B |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3-----------3x-3x-3x-3x-0x-2x-3----| G |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0-----------0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0----| D |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--2--2--2--2x-2x-2x-2x-2x-2x-2----| A |--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2--0--0--0--0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0----| E |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3----------------------------------| Fill: e |-----------------2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| B |---------------0h3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3---------------------| G |---------------0h2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| D |---2--2--2--2--0h4--4x-x4--4x-x4-4-4-4---------------------| A |---3--3--3--3--0h3--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2---------------------| E |---2--2--0--0--0hx--xx-xx--xx-xx-x-x-x---------------------| e |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3--------0-0-0-0x-0x-00-0-0-0-0----| B |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3--------3-3-3-3x-3x-33-0h2h3-3----| G |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--------0-0-0-0x-0x-00-0-0-0-0----| D |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--2--2--2-2-2-2x-2x-22-2-2-2-2----| A |--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2--0--0--0-0-0-0x-0x-00-0-0-0-0----| E |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3----------------------------------| Bridge : e |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2----------| B |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2----------| G |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2----------| D |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--4--4x-x4--4x-x4-4-4-4-4----------| A |--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2--4--4x-x4--4x-x4-4-4-4-4----------| E |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2----------| e |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3-----------0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0-----| B |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3-----------3x-3x-3x-3x-0x-2x-3-----| G |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0-----------0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0-----| D |--0--0x-x0--0x-x0-0-0-0-0--2--2--2--2x-2x-2x-2x-2x-2x-2-----| A |--2--2x-x2--2x-x2-2-2-2-2--0--0--0--0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0x-0-----| E |--3--3x-x3--3x-x3-3-3-3-3-----------------------------------| Solo : e |---------------------------------------------------------------| B |---------------------------------------------------------------| G |--------------------------9-7h9h7------------------------------| D |---------------7h9-9^10r9--------9~----------------------------| A |--7^8r7-5-9h10---------------------9h10-9-9/12-10h12-10-9-9h10~| E |---------------------------------------------------------------| e |--------------------------------------------------------------| B |--------------------------------------------------------------| G |----------------------------------------------7--9x-9/12------| D |-----------------------------7h9-9^9.5r9-7h9------------------| A |--10--10/12-10-9-10--9-9h10-----------------------------------| E |--------------------------------------------------------------| e |--------------------------------------------------------------| B |--------------------------------------------------------------| G |--11-12--14-12h14p12/11-11-11h12p11-9-11p9-7-9r7-6/7-7~-------| D |-------------------------------------------------------5h7-5--| A |--------------------------------------------------------------| E |--------------------------------------------------------------| e |---------------------| B |---------------------| G |---------------------| D |--5-5h7r5-4----------| A |-------------7^8.5-5~| E |---------------------| Guitar 2 & Lyrics Part 1 G G/F# i look at her and have to smile Em As we go Driving For A while C D7-D7sus Her Hair Blowing in the Open Window of My Car And G G/F# As We go *I see the light* Em Watch them Glimmer in her eyes C D7-D7sus In the Darkness of the Evening Chorus G G/F# And I've Got all that I need Em C D7-D7sus Right Here in the Passenger's Seat G G/F# Knowing I can't Keep my Eyes on the Road Em C (Coz)Knowing that she's inches From me Part 2 G G/F# We Stop to Get Something to Drink Em My Mind Clouds and I can't Think C D7-D7sus Scared to Death to Say I Love her G G/F# Then the Moon Peaks from the Clouds Em I Hear My heart it beats so loud C D7-D7sus Tryin to Tell Her Simply Repeat Chorus X 2 Bridge Cadd9 Bm7 Cadd9 D7-D7sus Knowing I know *Yeah* this love Grows Solo G G/F# Em C D7-D7sus Repeat Chorus Percussion/Drum Solo Repeat Chorus and Part 1/Voice Synchronization X 2 Coda G Voice Synchronization First part of the chorus and the part 1 only *-Differs in versions Bass for 5 string B |--------------------1----3-------| E |---3----2----0----0--------------| A |---------------------------------| D |---------------------------------| G |---------------------------------| Bass for 4 string E |---------------------------------| A |------------------2-3------------| D |--------4----2-----------0-------| G |---0-----------------------------| Bass part plays on Verses Fills Chorus and Voice Synchro Bass Plays a single E|-3-| note on the Coda and Percussion Solo Sequence: Guitar 1 Intro Fill Verse X3/Guitar 2 Strums/Bass Enters When the Singing Starts Fill Verse X3 Fill Verse X4 Bridge Solo Conga Solo for Acoustic Version/Drum Solo/Bass and Guitar Stops Playing/Final Part Guitar 2 Plays D7 Verse X4/Vocal Synchronization Fast Version Note : The Fast Version Only Plays Guitar 2 Bass 4 string and Conga, Guitar 2 had an Am chord Between the Em and C, D7-D7sus is changed to D7sus-D7 and the Strumming Patterns is quite Different, Intro is also changed. Chorus after Part 2 is only X 1 Guitar Solo is removed and shortened Intro Tab: e |---------------------| B |---------------------| G |---------------------| D |---------------------| A |-2r0-----------------| E |-----2-3-------------| Version History 1.2-Added Lyrics Fixed some solo Errors Changed my email(Cursed Hackers) Bass Tab!!!:D Fast Version and alot more!!! Smileys 1.1-Oh My God bunch of errors fixed added sequence of the song renamed Verse 2 to fill 1.0-Tabbed out the whole song Next Update - Harmonica part or maybe drum tabs :D Thanks: My Lord Jesus Christ - I will cherish the gift of music that you have bestowed upon me, you gave everything i needed to live as a Christian and I will never waste it. My Parents - Who Opened the gates of earth for me to live and experience how wonderful the world is. My Friends - Who were there for me always ;) and you requested this song!!! :D Sir Danny Chin - My Music teacher who opened me to the gates of music world :) KC^16 - Who taught me my first guitar chord! Thanks alot :D BTW its G Sir Manuelito Bartolome - My Bandmaster he's one of a kind musician, a widow like me and my Idol!! :D To my Fellow Filipinos - Strive for a Better future!!! Email me for corrections @ Things you are allowed to do to this tab Post it on your site unedited Learn with it Paste on your tab with credits to my name and asking permission Play the song with your friends Things you are not allowed to do to this tab Make money with it, I gave it to you for free so please dont Paste my work on your tab without permission, that's pladgiarism >:(