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 Passenger Seat de Stephen Speaks

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Artist: Stephen Speaks Title: Passenger Seat Album: No More Doubt Tabbed by: Launchpad Domer Corrected by: Arbie Glenn Pineda Standard Tuning, Capo 5: D - XX0232 D? - XX0230 Bm7 - X24232 G - 320033 A? - X02030 A?2 - X02020 D/C? - x32030 A few notes before playing: the chords here are strummed, whereas in a 2-guitar set-up these chords are plucked. Listen to the song and you'll understand what I'm trying to say. Have fun playing! Intro: (note: this intro part followed by the regular Bm7-G-A?-A?2) e-------------------2---0- b--------3-------3--3---3- g-----2-----0h2-----2---2- d---0--------------------- a------------------------- E------------------------- D D? i look at her ... Bm7 as we go .... G A? A?2 her hair blowing in the open windows of my car (Repeat guitar part the WHOLE song) (Then this part and back to chorus:) D/C? Bm7 D/C? A?-A?2 i know this love grows