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 Do For The Others de Stephen Stills

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DO FOR THE OTHERS- Stephen Stills INTRO G(no3) G7sus4 Fsus2 C/E C G(no3) Round, round, up and down, all along the lonely town G(no3) G7sus4 Fsus2 C/E C G(no3) See him sinkin' low, doesn't see the joy there is to know CHORUS: F/G C/G G(no3) And he cries from the misery F/G C/G G(no3) And he lies, singin' harmony C/G G(no3) She is gone, there is no tomorrow C/G G(no3) Fsus4 C G(no3) It is done, so now he must borrow the life of his brothers Fsus2 C G C/G G(no3) And living in sorrow must do for the others BRIDGE (strum): Cmaj7/G G(no3) Cmaj7/G G(no3) D C C/G G Oooh------- ooooh------ A chill wind hits his face, was that a tear? I thought I saw a trace Loving people everywhere, where is she? She is not there CHORUS, BRIDGE INTRO INTRO AND ALSO FIRST LINE OF LYRICS: G(no3) G7sus4 Fsus2 C/E C G(no3) E --3-------3-----1-0-----------1-------------------3---3------0------3- B --------------------1-------------1-----1---1-----3-----------------3- G ------0-------0-----------0-----0-----0---------0-0-------0-------0--- D ----0-------0-----0-----0---3-------2---------0---------0-------0----- A ------------------------------------------3--------------------------- E --3-----3------3-----3----------------------------3--------3--------3- CHORDS: G(no3) G7sus4 Fsus2 C/E F/G C/G Cmaj7/G C/G E ---3-----1-----1-----0-----1-----0-----0-----3--- B ---3-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1-----0-----1--- G ---0-----0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----0--- D ---0-----0-----3-----2-----3-----2-----2-----2--- A ---x-----x-----x-----x-----3-----3-----3-----x--- E ---3-----3-----x-----x-----3-----3-----3-----3--- (from Stephen Stills, 1970) (sent by Harlan at