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both Stephen_Stills and Crosby_Stills_Nash? SINGIN' CALL- Stephen Stills TUNING: D A D D A D (or E B E E B E) Esus2 E Esus2 E Esus2 E Listen to the sound of the night bird singin' Esus2 E I wonder who he calls Esus2 E My fingers hurt so bad it's got me grinnin' Esus2 E And I wonder can I do it all Esus2 E Hit a stretch of rapids in the rushing ragin' river Esus2 E Looking out for boulders and falls Esus2 E A woman she watches from the top of the canyon Esus2 E Hopin' we don't drown us all CHORUS: Bsus4 Asus4 Help me now, I got to slow down Bsus4 Esus2 Hear my singin' call Hurt myself bad on a run through the desert Threw a shoe and took a bad fall Long for the peace that the ancients bring me Murmur of the lowlands shut my jaw CHORUS Everyone knows there's a price for the askin' Some people buy themselves a doll Help me sweet Jesus I'm weary from the journey I need to tell my brothers what I saw CHORUS GENERAL PICKING PATTERN: E -------------------------------------------------- B -10----------10-----------09----------09---------- E -------12-----------(rpt)-------12----------(rpt)- E ----00----------00-----------00----------00------- B -------------------------------------------------- E -00-------00--------------00-------00------------- CHORDS: Esus2 E Bsus2 Asus2 E -12- -12- --0- --0- B -10- --9- --0- --0- E -12- -12- --0- --0- E --0- --0- --7- --5- E --0- --0- --7- --5- E --0- --0- --7- --5- NOTE: On the picking pattern, any given second string note can be replaced by a first string note. It is the sequence of first string notes that makes this picking pattern challenging and interesting. Listen to the record closely to hear this- the first string note is relatively easy to pick out. (from Stephen Stills 2, 1971) (sent by Harlan at