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Treetop Flyer --------------- (Stephen Stills) Guitar: Bensusan tuning (DADGAD) Chords: (letters are not actual chord names, only reference symbols) DADGAD ------ 505050 - G 303030 - F 000570 - C 000450 - B 000230 - A 000220 - A* (intro) D----10-----9-----3-----0--------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------5----3---------3-------2^3----2---3--- G-------------------------------0-0------------0-------------2------2---2--- D-------------------------------5-------5----3----------3-------------0----- A------------------------------------------------------------0-------------- D--0--0--0-----0--0--0-----0--5-----5------3------3-------0------0---------- D-------------------------------- A-----0--------------5----3------ G-----2----------0--------0------ D--0-------0---5-------5-----3--- A-------------------------------- D-------0----5-----5------3------ (Note: use general Travis-picking style throughout) A* A A* G F I could be a rambler from the Seven Isles (??) A* A A* G F I don't pay taxes 'cuz I never file A* A A* G F And I don't do business that doesn't make me smile G F I love my aeroplane 'cuz she got style A A* C B G F I'm a treetop flyer I fly any cargo that you can pay to run The bush league pilots, they just can't get the job done You've got to fly down into the canyons You don't ever see the sun There's no such thing as an easy run Oh, treetop flyer I fly low, I'm in high demand I go 15 feet over the Rio Grande I blow the mesquite right up off of the sand Seldom seen, especially when I land I'm a treetop flyer, born survivor (instr. break -- this is essentially a run on 3rd. frets of all strings) The people they ask me, ``Where'd you learn to fly that way?" It's over in Vietnam chasin' MBAs The government taught me, and they taught me right Stay down under the tree line And you might be alright Treetop flyer G I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' low and fast I promised my woman, this is gonna be my last I get the ship down, I tie her fast And then somebody walks up and says ``Hey son, wanna make some fast cash?" Treetop flyer Well there's things I am and there's things I'm not I am a smuggler and I could get shot I ain't gonna die, I ain't gonna get caught You see, I'm a flyin' fool in an aeroplane I'm just too hot I'm a treetop flyer, born survivor (instrumental break)