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WORD GAMEm Stephen Stills TUNING: D D D D A D (low to high) (riff 4x) Gsus (riff) Would you knock a man down if you didn't like the cut of his clothes? Gsus (riff) Could you put a man away if you don't want to hear what he knows? Gsus (riff) Well, it's happening right here, people dying of fear by the droves D2 C And I know most of you either don't believe it's ture Gsus Dm/F (riff) Or else you don't know what to do, or maybe I'm singing about you who knows? It's incredibly sick, you can feel it as across the land it flows Prejudice is slick, when it's a word game it festers and grows Move along quick, it furthers one to have somewhere to go You can feel it as it's rumblin' let emotions keep a-tumblin' Then, as cities start to crumblin' mostly empty bellies grumblin' here we go (riff 4 times) People see somebody different, fear is the first reaction shown Then they think they've got him licked, the barbaric hunt begins and they move in slow A human spirit is devoured, the remains left to carrion crow I was told that life is change and yet history remains Does it always stay the same? C we shrug it off and say only God knows (riff 4 times) By and by, somebody usually goes Down to the ghetto, try and help, but they don't know why folks treat them cold And the rich keep getting richer, and the rest of us just keep getting old You see, one must have a mission in order to be a good Christian If you don't you will be missing High Mass or the evening show And the well fed masters reap the harvests of the polluted seeds they've sown Smug and self-righteous, they bitch about people they owe And you can't prove them wrong, they're so God damn sure they know D2 C I have seen these things with my very own eyes Gsus Dm/F And defended my battered soul, it must be too tough to die D2 C Gsus American propaganda, South African lies will not force me to take up arms Dm/F That's my enemy's pride D2 C and I won't fight by his rules, that's foolishness besides Gsus Dm/F His ignorance is gonna do him in and nobody's gonna cry D2 C Because his children, they are growing up and plainly tired of putting up Gsus Dm/F With bigots and their silver cups D (riff 4 last time end w/ A) They're fed up, they might throw up on you, alright CHORDS: D D2 C F C2 Gsus2 Dm/F A D --0----7----5----3----x----0----0----x----- A --0----5----3----3----3----0----0----0----- D --0----0----0----0----x----0----0----x----- D --0----0----0----0----5----0----0----2----- D --0----0----0----0----0----5----3----0----- D --0----0----0----0----0----5----3----0----- RIFF: D2 C F D D --7p5h7--5--3-------0----- A --5------3--3--3----0----- D -------------------------- D ---------------5---------- D -------------------------- D --0--------------0-----0-- NOTE: I didn't attempt to provide timing or total accuracy on the riff. The important thing is to keep the bass note going while the other strings are being played. Also, the tuning can also be E E E E B E, as if a capo was placed on the second fret. Between these two tunings, one can play the other Stills songs 4+20, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, and We Are Not Helpless. (from Stephen Stills 2, 1971. Also on the CSN box set) (sent by Harlan at