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 Thoroughfare Gap de Stephen Stills

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From Sun May 4 10:06:36 1997 Thoroughfare Gap by Stephen Stills (Intro: G C G D G C G D) G C G Sometimes I Consider My Pace D G C I'm Reminded Of A Train Gathering Speed G D For The Climb To The Pass G C In Whose Shadow It All Really Lies G D G A Small Metal Wagon Approaching C G D The Ever Present Ascending Rise G C G D To The Southern Mountains G C G Reeling And Snaking And Leaping D G C It Seems Like It Wants To Come Loose G D From Its Path Cast In Iron G C But She Can't Slow Down Now G D As The Earth Has Presented G C A New Crest To Reach G D Without Barely A Rest G C G D From The Last One G C G And You Wonder Just What Lies Beyond D G Though You've Been There Before C G D And Forget About The Effort And The Strain G C Always Ascending G D Each Yard Adds A Mile G C To The Never-ending Pull G D Of The Steepening Grade G C G D G C G D That's Before You G C G D A Valley, A Forest, A Desert, A Stream G C With An Oversized Bridge G D For The Trickle There Beneath G C You Remember The Torrent G D It Turned To Last Spring G C From The Snows Melting Fast G D And The River It Became G C G D In The Summer G C Perhaps It Is Ruined G D From A Fire That Has Scorched It G C G Badly That Nothing G D Will Grow Without Rain G C To Wash Away The Blackened Soil G D G Now Useless Till Called Upon Again C G D In A Future As Twisted And Far Away G C G D As The Next Range Of Mountains G C G G Take It As Far As You See D And Beyond G C With Eyes You Don't Use Enough G D Gather Up Strength G C As Thoroughfare Gap G D Will Await You Forever G C You're Seeking To Get There G D For Even Before C It's No Matter D No Distance G C G Gsus4 G It's The Ride from the Stephen Stills album, "Thoroughfare Gap" (1978) and the "CSN Boxed Set"(1991) Submitted by David L'Heureux