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 Snowblind Friend de Steppenwolf

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Snowblind Friend - Steppenwolf sur
Disclaimer: This is the author's own interpretation of a work by another artist. This file is the author's own work and was not taken from any other source. Snowblind Friend Steppenwolf chords by Alan Scheidecker A D A B You say...this morning...last saw...good friend A B Lying on...his brain A D A B Stoned potion...he found...the wall A E D Of some...some ungodly hall D A B E He only...a Monday A B He spent...for his mind D A Did you say..he's blind? The second verse is the same The end of that verse flying low and dyin' slow is just the repeated D to A After the solo, the song changes key up to B for the last verse so the progression is: B E B C# B C# B E B C# B F# E E B C# F# B C# E B then the last words are, again just repeated E B This song is fingerpicked travis-style and sounds very pretty. I am too lazy to figure the pattern so I'll leave that up to you. It sounds very cool just strummed, too. Peace and God Bless Alan Scheidecker