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 Down Under de Steve Taylor

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---------------------------------------------------------- | Down Under | | by: Steve Taylor | | CD: The Best We Could Find | | written by: Steve Taylor | | transcribed by: (Josh Prins) | | copyright: (C) 1988 Birdwing Music/Soylent Tunes ASCAP | ---------------------------------------------------------- Chorus: F Eb Down under Eb Ever wonder how you got in? F Eb Down under F Eb Down under Eb Pick a cell you'd like to rot in. F Eb Down under Verse: C F Carlos went from college to a prison suit G C asking for election day. F G Didn't care to lick El Presidente's boots. C Got that, Pinochet? etc. Bridge: C# Ain't no Yankee jive. Bb Ain't no Commie plot. Eb I don't lean left or right; Ab I stand on solid rock. C# Bb We hold this truth to be as dear to life as bread. C People think better when they don't have a gun to their head. etc. Capoed three frets: Verse: D C etc. Chorus: A D E A D E A Bridge: Bb G C F Bb G A