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 I Want To Be A Clone de Steve Taylor

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I Want To Be A Clone - Steve Taylor sur
"I want to be a clone!" By Steve Taylor. Copyright 1982 birdwing music/cherry lane music. transposed by Craig and Terry Barnes. Intro: Bb (strum fast on Bass) D, Eb, E, F, Eb, D (repeat 4 times on lead guitar.) Bb F I'd gone through so much other stuff Ab Eb that walking down the aisle was tough, Gb Db Bb but now I know it's not enough, I want to be a clone. Bb F I asked the lord into my heart, Ab Eb they said that was the way to start, Gb Db Bb but now you've got to play the part. I want to be a clone. Eb Bb Chorus: Be a clone and kiss conviction goodnight. Eb Bb Clonliness is next to Godliness, right? Eb D I'm greatful that they showed the way, Db C Cause I could never know the way, B Bb To serve him on my own, I want to be a clone. Bb F They told me that I'd fall away, Ab Eb unless I follow what they say, Gb Db Bb Who needs the bible anyway? I want to be a clone. Bb F Their language it was new to me, Ab Eb but christianese got through to me, Gb Db Bb now I can speak it fluently. I want to be a clone. Repeat Chorus. Bb Ah, I kind of wanted to tell my friends and people about him, you know? WHAT?!!!!! Eb Bb You're still a babe, you have to grow, C Db give it twenty years or so, D Eb Cause if you want to be one of his, E F you gotta act like one of us! Chorus. Bb F G now I see the whole design, Ab Eb my church is an assembly line, Gb Db Bb the parts are there, I'm feeling fine, I want to be a clone. Bb F I've learned enough to stay afloat, Ab Eb but not so much I rock the boat, Gb Db I'm glad they shoved him down my throat. Bb I want to be a clone. intro Everybody must get cloned! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Probably one of Steves' best songs, a fav any way, and fun to play around with. Any news on Steve?' E-mail me on