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 Jim Morrisons Grave de Steve Taylor

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Jim Morrisons Grave - Steve Taylor sur
-------------------------------------------------- | Jim Morrison's Grave | | by: Steve Taylor | | CD: The Best We Could Find | | written by: Steve Taylor | | transcribed by: (Josh Prins) | | copyright: (C) 1987 Soylent Tunes (ASCAP) | -------------------------------------------------- Intro: C F C Ab Bb (repeat) Verse: C Am I a pilgrim F C Or another souvenier hound Ab Bb In the city of lights I set my sights on a king's domain etc. Chorus: C F C Ab Bb Jim Morrison's grave (repeat) Bridge: C no3, Eb no3, D no3, F no3, Ab, Bb repeat C# no3, E no3, D# no3, F# no3, A, B C# everything left is C#, F#, C#, A, B etc. A few chords may be wrong in here, but I'm not perfect :) To make it easier, capo three frets and transpose accordingly. (C=A, F=D, Ab=F, Bb=G) Good luck playing the key change!