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 On The Fritz de Steve Taylor

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On The Fritz - Steve Taylor sur
On the Fritz by Steve Taylor (Liver version) (c) copyright 1985 as tabbed by Anthony Martin ( Their may be some screw-ups in here, but this is the way I play it... and it sounds pretty good. If anyone has a different way of playing it send it to me. (Bass guitar just plays "D" thru the verse... then follows the guitar in the chorus). b = bend ~ = vibrato / = slide up (verse riff-type-thing) b ~~(I use vibrato here...I'm not sure if he does it though) |----------------------------------------------------------|| |----------------------------------------------------------|| |----------------------------------------------------------|| |------7/10-------------------------------------------9----|| |--7-5------------------------------------------------7----|| |----------------------------------------------------------|| He wished to right the wrongs, He sang religious songs ** On the last line in the verse he does a swell on "D" (chorus-- ah how cool it is) |-----------------------------------------|| You have to figure out the |-----------------------------------------|| phrasing for yourself. |-----------------------------------------|| This could be the right |--7-7----------5--5-5-5--9-9-9--8-8-7-7--|| strum pattern... but then |--7-7----------5--5-5-5--9-9-9--8-8-7-7--|| again... |--5-5----------3--3-3-3--7-7-7--6-6-5-5--|| On the Fritz (The cool bridge riff) |----------------------------------------------|| Again I don't know if |----------------------------------------------|| this the accurate way |----------------------------------------------|| of doing it... but it |--3-------------------------3---3---3---3--3--|| sounds good... that's |--3-------------------------3---3---3---3--3--|| why I do it. |--1-------------------------1---1---1---1--1--|| G the crowds grew and the praise did too, |---------------------------------------|| |---------------------------------------|| |---------------------------------------|| |--5---------------------5--5--5--5--5--|| |--5---------------------5--5--5--5--5--|| |--3---------------------3--3--3--3--3--|| and a mailing list sent you the money And if anyone has the time to figure out the solo... please send me a copy. If you have any questions about wording (that I left out [hey I had to leave something for you to do] ) write me and I will try to help. "Heads I win, Tails you lose" xaNTHONY mARTIN