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 The Moshing Floor de Steve Taylor

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The Moshing Floor - Steve Taylor sur
------------------------------------------------------------ | The Moshing Floor | | by: Steve Taylor | | CD: Squint | | by: Steve Taylor | | from: Josh Prins ( | | copyright: (C) Warner Alliance Music/Soylent Tunes ASCAP | ------------------------------------------------------------ INTRO: Bb Gm Bb C Bb Gm Bb C VERSE: (Bb Gm Bb C) Pendleton elbows Bb Gm Bb C Stick in my craw Old Doc Marten Eb Cm Eb F He made me say "awwww" Deck your best partner Bb Gm Bb C Lasses or lads Don't you feel lucky In your knee pads CHORUS: C On the moshing floor Bb On the moshing floor Ab Whatever stage, whatever floor Hang time, hangtime F And it's one two three four What are we diving for C No guru no mother Bb No method no smile Ab Nice style bad form F G Is the body still warm I wanna see you blink VERSE CHORUS BRIDGE1: G Bb Gm Bb C Bb Gm Bb C VERSE BRIDGE2: Ab G Cm C# C CHORUS (etc) (the song ends on a C) Chords if capoed 3 frets: INTRO: G Em G A etc VERSE: G Em G A G Em G A C Am C D G Em G A CHORUS: A G F D A G F D E BRIDGE1: E G Em G A G Em G A BRIDGE2: F E Am Bb A (the song ends on an A)