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 Enchanted de Stevie Nicks

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This is the tab for stevie nicks' enchanted it's from the 1983 album, "the wild heart" X=left hand mute /=slide up \=slide down h=hammer on p=pull off /\/\/=full step vibrato /(#)=note rings out following slide There are only 2 part's to this song, the riff and the solo, the riff goes like this: (Amaj) E-------5--5----X---5--5---5----X-----5-------X---5--5---5--5--X-------| B-------5--5----X---5--5---5----X-----5-------X---5--5---5--5--X-------| G-------6--6----X---6--6---6----X-----6-------X---6--6---6--6--X-------| D-------7--7----X---7--7---7----X-----7-------X---7--7---7--7--X-------| A-------7--7----X---7--7---7----X-----7-------X---7--7---7--7--X-------| E-------5--5----X---5--5---5----X-----5-------X---5--5---5--5--X-------| (Emaj) E-------7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7----X-----5---X---5--5--5--X----| B-------9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9----X-----5---X---5--5--5--X----| G-------9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9----X-----6---X---6--6--6--X----| D-------9--9--9--9--9--9--9--9----X-----7---X---7--7--7--X----| A-------7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7----X-----7---X---7--7--7--X----| E-------7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7----X-----5---X---5--5--5--X----| Then the solo goes like this: E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----| B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----| G----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----| D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----| A--------------------------5/(7)---7---7-7-7---------------------------------- -| E---3/(5)--5---5-5-5--------------------------5p3-5p3-1------1/(5)------| E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------| B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------| G----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------| D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------| A--------------------------5/(7)---7---7-7-7----5/\/\/\----------------------- ----| E---3/(5)--5---5-5-5--------------------------------------5--5-5--5-5---5----- | and that's it, really simple. For those who might desire them, here are the lyrics: *ENCHANTED-Ms. Stevie Nicks* Crying in the morning...Trying to be strong Waiting for the spring to turn into the fall Love don't mean what it says at all And my destiny says that I'm destined to fall Enchanted, you thought you saw my eyes Enchanted, it's a shame that you wanted didn't try Why the sad face...oh darling Was it my darkness...shadow light I mean to cause no trouble for you That is the story...of my life Enchanted, you thought you saw my eyes Enchanted, it's a shame that you wanted didn't try Enchanted, oh it's just a voice through the night Enchanted, well I hope you make it He was gone...he was gone from me When I remember someone...I remember their dreams In those dreams...that no one knows of My desitny says that I'm destined to run Enchanted, thought you saw something... in my eyes Enchanted, It's a shame that you wanted didn't try Enchanted, well it's jus a voice through the night Enchanted, well I hope you make it Enchanted, well I hope you make it I hope you make it ________________________________________________________ and that, in a bundle, is enchanted If you have corrections, or can tab out 'The Highwayman', mail me at: