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 Beauty & The Beast de Stevie Nicks

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Beauty & The Beast - Stevie Nicks sur
Intro: F Dm7(xx0211) Bb C Dm (VERSE):(F)You're not a stran(Dm7)ger to me(Bb) And you are (C)something to see(Dm) You (F)don't even (Dm7)know how to please(Bb) You say a lot...but you're unaware(C) how to leave(Dm) (same chords)My darling lives in a world that is not mine An old child misunderstood...out of time Timeless is the creature who is wise And timeless is the prisoner in disguise (CHORUS):(Dm)Oh (Gm7)who is the (Bb)beauty...who the beast(Dm) Would you (Gm7)die of (Bb)grieving when I leave(Dm) Two (Gm7)children too (Bb)blind to see(Dm) I would (Gm7)fall in your (Bb)shadow...I believe(C) Instrumental break: C Bb F Bb C (VERSE):My love is a man who's not been tamed love lives in a world of false pleasure and pain We come from difference worlds...we are the same (my love) I never doubted your beauty...I've changed I never doubted your beauty...I've changed (CHORUS)