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 Beds Too Big de Sting

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Beds Too Big - Sting sur
Bed's Too Big Without You (written by Gordon Sumner A.K.A Sting) This will be short and simple. I am just going to transcribe the two bass parts for this song. I think the guitar plays Em in many weird and unusual places. I haven't the time to figure it out but I hope this helps for all you bass players out there in the world (maybe you can unite with shoplifters and take over...sorry). Bass Riff # 1: G ----------------------| D -2-2-2-2--------------| A ---------2--2---------| E ---------------3--0-0-| Bass Riff # 2 (which is supposed to be played extremely fast) G --------------------| D -------0-5-2p0h2----| A ---0h2--------------| E -3---------------0--| And that's all there is to it (besides the guitar part). Bye-bye...