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 Bother de Stone Sour

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This song I find to be extremely depressing and dark...and I LOVE IT!!! I figured out this song after seeing the video on "All Things Rock" before I went to school this morning. It took me a total of five minutes and I'm fuckin' proud of myself for that! Standard Tuning Verse Riff: Clean guitar Em D/E Em D/E e----7-----7-------------------7--7------------------- b----8-----7----7h8p7----------8--7----7h8p7---------- G----9-----7----------9p7---9--9--7----------9p7------ D----9-----7----------------9-----7------------------- A----7-----7----------------7-----7------------------- E----------------------------------------------------- Pre-Chorus: Clean Guitar C D e----------------------------- b----------------------------- G---5--5----7--7-------------- D---5--5----7--7-------------- A---3--3----5--5-------------- E----------------------------- Chorus: Clean Guitar Em D/E Em B7 Em D/E C D e---7----7-----7----2-----7----7-----0----5-- b---8----7-----8----0-----8----7-----1----7-- G---9----7-----9----2-----9----7-----0----7-- D---9----7-----9----1-----9----7-----2----7-- A---7----7-----7----2-----7----7-----3----5-- E-------------------------------------------- The bridge is basically the verse riff, possibly put into variation, I'm not sure... Hey, gimme a fuckin' BREAK for fuck's sakes! I did this tab entirely from hearing the song ONE TIME!!! I have more talent in my prostate than you have in your entire BODY! C you know WHY?! Because, I AM GOD!! WORSHIP ME, OR PERISH UNDER MY WRATH, YOU UNCULTURED PUPPET!!! ...Oh, and by the way... METALLICA AND JA RULE COLLABORATING?!?! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!!!! Is Metallica trying to flat-out PISS OFF their fans, now?!?