Strange Fruit


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 Brians Theme de Strange Fruit

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Strange Fruit - Brians Theme (acoustic) (Movie: Still Crazy) Standard Tuning Tabbed By Rob K [[[All own work]]] Any Questions/Problems/Requests, email me This is a really nice song 2 guitars make it sound really good but i'm only about 75% sure on these chords These are just your basic chords make their shape, then just pick around them listen to the song to get the picked notes right --------------------------------------------------------- Guitar 1 (Acoustic) Intro/Main: Bm, A, G, F Bm, A, F#, F Other: D, Dsus2, Dsus4 Dsus4, d, Dsus2 G1 Under Lead: Just fiddle with Intro/Main chords Guitar 2 (Electric) Lead(50% sure): e|--------------------------------------------------| B|--/13--13^(15)-12--15^p13\10----------------------| G|--------------------------------14-12-9----3-5-9--| D|--------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------|