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 Part Of The Union de Strawbs

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Part Of The Union - Strawbs sur
Part Of The Union Strawbs John Ford / Richard Hudson ================= Intro: pick a C then F / / / F Now I'm a union man, Gm Amazed at what I am Bb F Bb F I say what I think - that the company stinks C Bb F Yes, I'm a union man. F When we meet at the local hall Gm I'll be voting with them all Bb F Bb F With a hell of a shout it's "out brothers out" C Bb F And the rise of the factory's fall Chorus: C F / / / Ohhhh, you don't get me I'm part of the union C / F / You don't get me I'm part of the union F / / / You don't get me I'm part of the union Bb F Bb Bb C F 'Till the day I die, 'till the day I die As a union man I'm wise, To the lies of the company spies And I don't get fooled by the factory rules 'Cause I always read between the lines. And I always get my way If I strike for higher pay When I show my card to the Scotland Yard This is what I say : Chorus Before the union did appear My life was half as clear Now I've got the power to the working hour And every other day in the year. G though I'm a working man I can ruin the governments plan Though I'm not too hard, the sight of my card Makes me some kind of Superman. Chorus and repeat Note: Hudson & Ford did well a few years later with a band called The Monks (Nice legs, shame about her face, Drugs in my pocket) - another ace 70s tab from Dave Turner & Tim Willett