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 Where Do You Go de Strawbs

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Where Do You Go - Strawbs sur
Where do you go -- David Cousins Recorded by The Strawbs =============== A E D E When you were young you were protected A E D E When you were growing you were sheltered A E D E But when you reached your adult years NC A You were left alone D E A And you had no-one to rely on D E A No one to care for you D E E7 A lost soul in search of some kind of shelter and protection CHORUS: D E A Now where do you run D E A Where do you hide D E When you need a hole to crawl in D E A Where do you go? I found that in our darkest hour The young ones that I knew and loved well Beckoned with the memory Of their alluring spell And so I gathered up my senses Bade one and all godspeed If my ways were what you desired then love is what you must need (Chorus) I tried to find a consolation But realized that deep down inside Consolation is but yet My all despairing pride And now I'm dark eyed and bewildered My guts can feel the strain My mouth is dry, my chest is tight, and my forehead's lined with the pain (Chorus)