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 Folk Song de Sundays

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e: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:22:24 -0500 "Folk Song" by the Sundays from "Static and Silence" written by Gavurin and Wheeler transcribed by Tara Kennedy ( [G] [G]Summer sky and a throat bone dry and the [C] fields are all gold [C7] [G]Dusty lane with a song in my brain and it [C] stoned me to my [C7] soul [Am]I climb higher [C] move towards the fire [G] blaze s[F]un [G] [G]Silver trees and a whispering breeze are my [C] sight and my sound[C7] [G]The thought of heaven couldn't drag me from the path when I'm [C] wandering here a[C7]lone [Am]I climb higher [C] move towards the fire [G] so blaze s[F]un [G] [Am]Watch until it dies slow [C] falling from the sky [G] pale fading s[F]un [G] ad lib vocals [F][C][G] 4X end on [G] --=====================_893064144==_--