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 God Made Me de Sundays

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God Made Me - Sundays sur
"God Made Me" (D Gauverin & H. Wheeler) from the album "Blind" by the Sundays Tablature & Transcription by Brandon Milner TAB appears below the words sung at the time... Intro (this same sequence is used again towards the end of the song): X02220 (A major) 022000 (e min) X02220 022000 XX5788 355433 (G maj) 022100 022200 (E sus4) x02210 Verse pattern: 002200 -> 000220 Looking for an insult there's a trickle inside my head 002200 000220 seeing it's worth the effort I for- give myself 002220 000220 talks that we had talks that we had are becoming a blur 002200 000220 if only I could love my neigh- bor 320030 200200 CHORUS: because God made me- eee 022100 X02220 X32030 that's all they told me before and how about you? 320033 022100 tablature by Brandon Milner ---------