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 Demons de Super Furry Animals

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Demons by SFA Tabbed by ogy (corrections by TB) Verse: A G A G Clarity just confuses me. The lines drawn on the map a strange assembly E D When theres notherners in southerners E D And westenders in east enders A Em And sunny days in january A Em Left spaces in my diary Chorus: Bm Cos the demons never need to know Bb what the demons never got to see D as we fall in and out of line E stay in touch now for a while Chorus again, then: D Cos I know that verse chorus (twice) then: D A C#m G# cos I know that you know thAt he knows they both know what's going on Then Instrumental verse, but hang on the Em and change it to an E (listen to the C.D) Chorus (twice) then: cos I know that....... END