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 Bankrupt Vibration de Superdrag

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Bankrupt Vibration - Superdrag sur
e: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:11:53 -0600 (CST) artist: Superdrag album: Head trip in every key song: Bankrupt vibration verse: E A7 E I couldn't help turning on E A7 E But I never tuned in Now I want to drop out You'll swallow any little pill Taking everything in Sucking every nerve out (fill) verse riff: (stress down strums) V ^ V ^ A ---2---0---2---0--- etc. E ---0---0---0---0--- and your alternative station is such a bankrupt vibration counting on the confusion of an alternative nation all the terminal patients demand a strong medication getting on with the big show we celebrate what you don't know chorus: A B C D E jumping out of the window E jumping out of the window A B C D E jumping out of the window E verse chords, fill, verse riff chorus outro riff: E A7 E E/G E/F E e ---0--------------0--0-----------0---| B ---0--------------2--0-----------0---| G ---1--------------0--0-----------1---| D ---2--...-...-..--2--0---0---0---2---| A ---2--------------0------0---0---2---| E ---0---------------------3---1---0---| v ^ v v v repeat, end on E Songs by John Davis. Arranged by Superdrag. Lyrics courtesy of J. Davis: 1998 Warner-Tamerlane/Flame On Music. c1998 Elektra Entertainment Group.