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 Im Expanding My Mind de Superdrag

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Im Expanding My Mind - Superdrag sur
e: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:07:43 -0600 (CST) artist: Superdrag album: Head trip in every key song: I'm expanding my mind verse: (all fifth-string barre chords) E E/D# C# you can get me wasted B A you're the one I cut and pasted B C# and you might've once existed B and my memories are twisted E E/D# C# yeah you robbed me like a strip mine B A dead and buried for a long time A7(?) and an episode you casted B in the part where Jesus fasted pre-chorus: (full barre) B chorus: B you ring up my line A E I'm expanding my mind B I see two thousand-five A E (let ring) When we fell, who survived? break: B A C# D F verse 2, prechorus, chorus, break outro: (similar to verse) E E/D# C# B A B C# B repeat Songs by John Davis. Arranged by Superdrag. Lyrics courtesy of J. Davis: 1998 Warner-Tamerlane/Flame On Music. c1998 Elektra Entertainment Group.