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 I Wasnt Built To Get Up de Supernaturals

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I Wasnt Built To Get Up - Supernaturals sur
'I Wasn't Built To Get Up' (McColl) By The Supernaturals Single from A Tune A Day (1998) Transcribed by Richard This is the tab that I feel the most unsure of, so any corrections are welcome... VERSE (just a rising scale): E F# G# A CHORUS: E A [x4] [screetching keyboard]: B (G#?) BRIDGE (maybe in maj7ths or something): (G?) (F?) That's it. If you need them, lyrics (as well as more information about the band) can be found on the Original Supernaturals Fan-page at: Let Me Know if you disagree with any of this (I'm a bit unsure of some of it), or if you have figured out any other songs by the band... (email address changes, so check to site above for current contact details). Hope you enjoy the song, lets get more Supernaturals on the net!