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 So Great A Salvation de Supertones

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So Great A Salvation - Supertones sur
e: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:41:45 PDT Submitted By: Kristian Carlson Song: G great a Salvation Album: Supertones StrikeBack Email: G Great A Salvation A Bm Woke up this morning C#m D(barred) A Just had to thank God for my life A Bm Just read through James' Book C#m D(barred) Start to pray and I ask God for a wife A Bm It's a time of devotion C#m D A As I sit and speak to my God unseen A Bm Why does he listen? C#m D A Well I love him and he's in love with me A E F#m D Why me God Why should you choose me? A E F#m D A On your team God can You use even me? A Bm I think a few years back C#m D A On a road that headed to nowhere A Bm Now that you found me C#m D I can see how you were always there A Bm SO Great a salvation C#m D A But to you my Jesus what am I worth A Bm It's quiet times like this C#m D A I feel I get a glimpse of heaven write here on earth (Sing with some hard passion on the last chorus) A E F#m D Oh--Hold me in Your arms of Love A E F#m D Sometimes I swear I feel your heartbeat A E F#m D I could never ever thank you enough A E F#m D But here's my life for whatever it's worth Repeat the A Bm C#m D A progression about 4 times then hit the D for the last time then to end the song play D C#m F#m Bm the a good long open strummed A After the last Chorus there is a sweet solo-a 2nd guitar plays while you are repeating the progression. I'm working on the solo, I'll see if I can't send it in later. This is a cool worship-chillin song have fun playin' it in a swing style. Note: When you play the progression, barre the chords-you should end up on the 5th fret with the barred D then back down to the A chord.