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 Caught Inside de Supertones

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Band: Supertones Album: Supertones Strike Back on Tooth and Nail Records Song: Caught Inside Tabbed by: Andy ( Chords Used E A G e]----5--3- B]-9--5--3- G]-9--6--4- D]-9--7--5- A]-7--7--5- E]----5--3- Intro: (wipeout kinda thing) A]-------------00-23-5-3-2- E]-00-23-5-3-2-------------(repeat) then play in ska rythm during the horn's set E, A (repeat) then this lil' doohickie comes everyonce and a while G]-------------22-45-7-5-4- D]-22-45-7-5-4-------------(strum A chord w/ wammie bar) (repeat 1x, only end w/ G chord) and that last chord is just a regular E w/ wammie if your confused at all, or would just like to say hi, write me at