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 Grace Flood de Supertones

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Grace Flood - Supertones sur
Grace Flood Supertones Tabbed by Smiley of bLANkoUt um if you have any questions or suggestions let me know bar cords ska cords A B E G A D G E--5--7--0--3-- E--5--5--3-- 9--5--7--0--3-- B--5--7--3------ O--6--0--1--4-- G--6--7--4------ D--7--9--2--5-- A--7--9--2--5-- E--5--7--0--3-- intro: A (ska) D soul. what's wrong? G why are you troubled here within me? D A deep inside my heart my soul what's wrong? D G so my God I do not see why you forgive me D A do you need me am I wise am I strong (bar) G B ,A so why_ 2X G B A A why do you even love me? why do you even care? G B why should you think of me? A oh my God, i'll never know it's (ska) D A,D D A unconditional love, 3X the grace flood (repeat the whole line 2X) (the only cord played till the nest Verse is a bar cord A) (for the scratching sound after the first chorus rest your fingers lightly on the strings in the position of an (bar) a) (ska) D G take my hand and lead me further up within here D A deep inside your heart, within your soul D G on my knees as i crawl steady up the incline D A the glory of your face and i can't stand (now it goes (bar) A,E.G,A and then the chorus repeats