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 Grounded de Supertones

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Author/Artist: O.C Supertones Title: Grounded Album: Chase the Sun Transcribed by: aXman Email: I posted this because the person who posted the first version was a little off and didn't do a good job. All chords are followed by the type of chord to play: power, or ska; see below. Enjoy, and as always send your comments, and *better* versions to me. Palm mute this, play x2 |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |---------------------------| |--------55-----------------| |-----77----77-55-44-00-22--| |--00-----------------------| Then the rythm guitar kicks in playing: E-D(power chords) Play for 4 bars then play: E-C-G-A(power chords) and goto verse. VERSE 1:(ska chords) I strike back like the empire, E D and we'll televise the revolution. E D What will save you from divine retrobution? E D C our part, try to make a contribution. E D Playin' at 11 givin OC noise pollution. E D Think long and hard about our world today... E D what needs to be said, and what I need to say. E D We're a tower of Babal built on anti-philosophy, E D nietzche in the west, and krishna in the east. E-C-G-A(power chords) VERSE 2:(ska chords) War rages on through generations. All of these Christians abandoned their stations. A whole world around us that we've ceased to reach. An army of soldiers we've neglected to teach. But its dim, and not pitch black. The truth will prevail. If our God is for us, how can we fail? Nor surer hope has ever been rested But for our advesary's worthy, prepare to be tested. CHORUS:(power chords) E C HOO! HAH! G A How will you stand, if you dont understand? E C HOO! HA! G A Fight like a man, scriptures in hand! E(ska chord) VERSE 3: And here we stand... naked, barehanded. Futily prepared for the blows to be landed. Presuppositions is all you can stand. Can you twit their wrist when they lay a hand on? Learn how to fight from words on a paper. Learn from the shoguns, Bahnsen and Schaeffer. Invincible army, Holy Spirit our general. Weapons are formed from most precious of minerals. E-C-G-A(power chords) CHORUS x2 E(ska chord) palm mute |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |--------55-------------------------55-------------------------55-----------------| |-----77----77-55-44-00-22-------77----77-55-44-00-22-------77----77-55-44-00-22--| |--00-------------------------00-------------------------00-----------------------| |--------------|--------------| |--------------|--------------| |--------------|--------------| |--------55----|-77-55-99-55--| |-----77----77-|--------------| |--00----------|--------------| ^ stop palm mute here, and turn on distortion VERSE 4:(power chords) Kids in universities drowning in an ocean of apostate philosophy. We need apologetic instruction.. mental reconstruction. Ignorance reduction, to halt the mass abduction. Evangelical mind has been scandelized. Wisdom, and truth have been vandelized, by the un-evangalized No truth in a world that is randomized. Expose the lies no matter how there disguised. CHORUS x2 Chords I used: You will probably find better versions of these chords, but the chords used are all corect. Ska Chords: E D |-----| |-----| |--9--| |--7--| |--9--| |--7--| |--9--| |--7--| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| Power Chords: E C G A |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |-----| |--9--| |--5--| |-----| |-----| |--9--| |--5--| |--5--| |--7--| |--7--| |--3--| |--5--| |--7--| |-----| |-----| |--3--| |--5--|