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 Hanani de Supertones

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Hanani - Supertones sur
Transcribed by: Joseph Keith( ======================================== O.K! I know this is only my 2nd tab, but I got it figured out. This song made me cry when I heard it first. I don't know why, but I did and I can say it's changed my life for the better, or is it I just felt better after hearing the song? It don't matter, so on w/ the tab!!!!! All chords barred: INTRO: C#m F#m D A E (2x) VERSE: intro (4x) instead of (2x) PRE-CHORUS: C#m C#m D D (4x), then an E CHORUS: A E F#m Bm D E (2x) AFTER-CHORUS: A E D A E (2x) VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS, then go: A A A A E E E E D D D D A A E E (2x) PRE-CHORUS CHORUS, then do that AFTER-CHORUS thing (4x)------>end on A Well I am 110% sure of this tab, but hey, I could always be wrong. Just send me the corrections and and the wrong tab will surely FADE AWAY! Although these errors are UNKNOWN to me, if you find any, please don't make me feel like a LITTLE MAN, k? Keep rawkin' in Christ!!!!!