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 Like No One Else de Supertones

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Like No One Else From Corrected by: Corrected by: Matt Chapman Written by Supertones ©1997 BEC Recordings Verse 1 A This is a time for us to demonstrate Bm our appreciation. A Bm Amazing Grace and sweet salvation ... The whole verse is just A Bm Chorus D E D I cast all my life and all my cares E And everything on you A Bm D Am Bm A He cares for you like no one else A Bm D E Verse 2 with same chords as 1st Chorus Bridge without guitar D C A D C#M A He cares for you like no one else A Bm D Am Bm A He cares for you like no one else Yeah, I know its kinda weird using Am and A, but I think thats how they do it. If you try this compared to the old post, its sounds alot better. And this is alot more natural to play. once you get the hang of it, its really smooth and easy- definately Supertones style. Use the F shaped fingering for the A major and the just drop your ring finger down to barre for the Bm, slide up for the D, slide back down to barre for the Am and Bm like before, then drop in your your index and middle back into the F-shape on the A Nice and smooth. Just thought I'd clarify that for those of you who are used to playing ska chords. A Bm D Am Bm A e--5---7---2---5---7---5------------------------------------ B--5---7---3---5---7---5------------------------------------ G--6---7---2---5---7---6------------------------------------ D--7-------------------7------------------------------------ A----------------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------------------