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 Louder Than The Mob de Supertones

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Louder Than The Mob - Supertones sur
Louder than The Mob Supertones Tabbed By :Smmiley Odf bLANkOUt any questions or songs you want me to tab?     Bar cords                    ska chords                         A    E E(h) F#     D                    A    D   E(h)     E---5----0----7----2----5---   E---5----5----7--     B---5----0----9----2----5---   B---5----7----9--     0---6----1----9----5--- 7---      G---6----7----9--     D---7----2----9----4----7---     A---7----2----7----4----5---     E---5----0----7----2----7---     intro: A,D 2X     (ska)A i Know i'm just another Judas, kiss your face while i drive a nail D                   A in your hand i know i'm just another Thomas, won't believe till i                     D feel the hole in your hand (bar)                   A                 E(h)         D                  A     then i will say my God i see now what you see My God what do you     E(h) D     see in me (for the ska version of this part of the song keep the     same cord progression, but in ska cords)     A                  E       F#                     E                A     my sin yells crucify louder than the mob that day my sin yells     E         F#               E          A                E          F#     crucify louder than any man my sin yells crucify louder than the     E                 A                E            F#            E     mob that day my sin yells crucify crucify crucifyeieiei     For the horns solo horns alone then A horns alone then come     in w/an A and change to an E