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 Oc Supertones de Supertones

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Oc Supertones - Supertones sur
O.C Supertones O.C Supertones from the album,  Adventures of the O.C Supertones tooth and nail records tabbed by Captain Vegetable alrighty, here's how I play it, Tune your E string to the opening or closing guitar chord, tune guitar accordingly, okay opening riff,(these are all E based bar chords) E X 15 really fast, then up an octave to E  Eb  Db  B Main riff is E  B  F#  A when he's skank- guitaring it is E  F# A B You should hopefully be able to get it from there Supertones rule!!!!!! Does anyone else think their first album was better than their much-heard second one? fix any and all miztakes pleese! l8r CV