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 One Voice de Supertones

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One voice by the Supertones >From "Chase the Sun" copyright 1999 BEC Recordings Tabbed by Andrew Drudge intro: B x4 G B G B verse 1 B 1999 and the stakes are high. G Our options have come down to A either we do or we die. B We need you now more than ever. G Pull out all of the strife in the church, A get us together. B Is time running out? I can't say I do know. G We have one day less A Than we did yesterday. B G let's up and unite.. G You wanna fight the power? A You need the power to fight Chorus: G And can we sing with one voice, D if we all love the same God? G A Can we agree to disagree? G And so we cry with one voice D G To the only God in all the universe A Who holds us in his hands. verse 2 B No more time for us to bicker and complain. G If we're called by the same name, A there's nowhere for us to lay the blame, B except for ourselves. And if we died to ourselves G to come alive in God's flesh, A that makes us a family. B Deeper than death, but we don't act so tight G when there's a back to bite. A Are we less like a family, B and more like a fistfight? Are we there, but not quite G A are hypocrites children of light. Chorus G D A B x4 Chorus G D A B x4