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 Refuge de Supertones

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Refuge - Supertones sur
Title: Refuge (In Conlusion) Author/Artist: OC Supertones Album: Chase The Sun (Great album, BUY IT TODAY!) Copyright 1999 We Own Your Songs (SESAC) Tabbed By: Roy Meyer ( INTRO: (This is the same rotation as the rest of the song, but for the intro it's played in a different key. The rest of the song follows the same pattern, but is in the key of F The intro is 1 step up, in G.) G G/F# Em C {2x} (Play the bass note of each chord, then hit the D, high E, B, D, G strings. Listen for the timing. This sounds like the correct picking pattern.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ VERSE 1: F F/E Dm7 Bb2 Share this breif quiet moment with me. F F/E Dm7 Bb2 Let the lights and smoke all fade away. C Bb2 C Bb2 And there's nothing left but Jesus, and no one here but you. Gm Bb2 F F/E Dm7 Bb2 F F/E Dm7 Bb2 Where will you go from here? _____________________________________________________________________________________ VERSE 2: F F/E Dm7 Bb2 Welcome to the end of time well spent. F F/E Dm7 Bb2 I hope the words I'm singin' find you well. C Bb2 C Bb2 But don't miss the message. There's no greater truth. Gm Bb2 F F/E Dm7 Bb2 Take refuge in His heart. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ENDING: (Repeat main chord progression several times, then end with this): Gm Bb2 F Take refuge in His heart. _____________________________________________________________________________________ CHORDS: G = 330023 G/F# = 330022 Em = 000220 C = 01023x F = 1123xx F/E = 1122xx Dm7 = 1120xx Bb2 = 11221x Gm = 333553 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Any corrections, additions, hate mail, etc., my email address is at the top, please send them to me! God bless! >