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 Shut Up And Play de Supertones

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Shut Up And Play - Supertones sur
Group:Supertones Album:Supertones Strike Back Song:Shut Up and Play G Am Religious fanatics that's what they say Eb G true, I may be on the brink G Am I hear them yellin shut up and play Eb G well who asked what you think Em D no time for mediocrity Em D convience or practicality Am Bm he gave it all up for us C say what you will D I'LL ANSWER TO MY GOD! chorus: G Em I'm a freak, and they say I've lost my mind C D but I know, I've never seen so clearly G Em When I speak, they say I've gone too far this time C D let's me know, I have not gone nearly intro to next verse play:G,Am,Eb,G (2x) G Am Bible Thumpin reactionist Eb G and proud to bear the name G Am take our music, take away our lives Eb G Jesus still remains Em D I wonder what will people think Em D When they hear that I'm a Jesus freak Am Bm He gave it all up for us C say what you will D I'll ANSWER TO MY GOD! CHORUS Guitar Solo(here is the chords to use, listen to CD for the rythmn) G, D, C, Em, D, Bm, C, Am, C, D (2x) After second time end on a G and go to an F# back to a G(do this twice) Then go through the CHORUS again and finish on a G