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 Tonight de Supertones

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Tonight - Supertones sur
Tonight Supertones Tabbed By Smiley of bLANkoUt ANy questions or music you want me to tabb Smiley of bLANkoUt ska chords -A  A  C D EM Em G      sus            (h) E 5--5--8--5--0---7----3 B--5--5--8--7--0--8----3 G--6--7--5--7--0--9----4 intro: Em(h),D,A 2X Em(h),D,C 2X     Em(h)        D             C i can feel the old earth shake tonight Em(h)            D                       C mother earth feels labor aches tonight Em(h)                  D i can feel the old world passing     C                                                  Em(h)D C    Em(h)  A Asus     i can hear the old world crashing down tonight t o n i g ht      2X Em(h)                               D and if i die here tonight, i know my soul is with you , G                                                  Em i'm sure about the promises you've made (same~ as intro) (play same cords as first verse surely then i will be judged tonight surely i'm a little scared tonight surely now the sheep and gouts are split upon the threshing floor tonight t o n i g h t 2x Em(h)                             D Lord you are my only good, i will hold to you G                                      Em should the fires of hell sear and sing me Em(h) Lord, you are my protector D i will hold to the fold of your robe G                                    Em(h) should the devil himself come to claim me