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 Unite de Supertones

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Unite Supertones Supertones Strike Back Okay, i'm not a 100% sure that this is right but it sounds right to me Intro: A C A G/G# A C A G after he says "bring it" the chords go like this with distortion A G A C A G A Em Repeat this once Then the verse is just A-G Keep repeating that throughout the verse Then when that is over and they go back into the distortion the chords go like this A D B E Keep repeating that until he's done singing that part and then go back to these chords A G A C A G A Em Then do the verse again and the part where he is like "unite ignite and spark a light........" and after that there is that little bass part and then do these chords A G A C Keep repeating that until he is done with that and then end the song on an A C all these chords in bar chords except Em That should sound good but if it doesn't feel free to e-mail me. Jon Bretch