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 Who Can Be Against Me de Supertones

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Who Can Be Against Me - Supertones sur
WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME By The Supertones (c) The Supertones and Tooth and Nail Records Tabbed by James Lesure ( WOW!! The Supertones are just awesome, not necessarly centered around the Guitar(mostly the Bass and Brass instruments) but still the GEEEtar pops in with some groove rifts!!! YA! enjoy this tab-James NOTE: Spacing is somewhat acurate but still hard to get across through a TAB (Rift 1)- Distortion Played on Opening twice, at :42 twice and 2:55 twice e----- B----- G----- D----- A-----7-7777---14-14141414--12-1212--14--7777 E-----5-5555---12-12121212--10-1010--12--5555 (Rift 2)-Distortion Played at :35 twice, at 1:11 twice, and 2:24 four times. e----- B----- G----- D----- A-----7-7777---14-14141414--7-7777--12-121212 E-----5-5555---12-12121212--5-5555--10-101010 (Rift 3)-Distortion Played at 1:22 one time e----- B----- G----- D----- A-----x7x7x7 x14x14x14--x12x10x10---99-1212--14 E-----x5x5x5--x12x12x12--x10x10x10---77-1010--12 (Rift 4)-Distortion Played at 2:14 twice e----- B----- G----- D----- A-----7-----14-----12---9-999-1212 E-----5-----12-----10---7-777-1010 All other Guitar seems to be clean Barre Chords strummed and muted that are easialy faked-but if you know exactly how to produce that sound then mail me and tell me how along with comments or corrections_THANX! -James Lesure (