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 Reflections de Supremes

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The first single credited to 'Diana Ross and the Supremes'; better known decades later as the theme from the American TV series 'China Beach'. Available in true stereo on _Diana Ross and the Supremes' Greatest Hits Vol. III_; on a good system you can hear those weird beeps bouncing all around your room. (You can also hear a couple of extremely crude splices before each repeat of the chorus at the end.) This is in Bb, but I think the 45 was sped up to B Anyone have an original pressing to compare? "Reflections" (Holland-Dozier-Holland) Intro: (oscillators panned across soundstage) Verse 1 (first four bars instrumental): electric piano arr. for guitar: [Bb] v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- ---3---6---------|---6---8---8----- ---5---5---------|---6---6---8----- -6---------------|-6--------------- v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- ---3---6---------|---6---8---10---- ---5---5---------|---6---6---6----- -6---------------|-6--------------- Bb Through the mirror of my mind Fm Time after time Gb Db I see reflections of you and me Chorus 1: Gb Db Reflections of Gb Db The way life used to be Gb Db Reflections of Gb Db The love you took from me Post-chorus 1: Gbmaj7 Ebm/Bb Fm I'm all alone now, no love to shield me Bbm Ab Trapped in a world that's Gb A distorted reality Verse 2: Bb [as per verse 1] Happiness you took from me And left me alone with only memories Through the mirror of my mind Through these tears that I'm cryin' Reflects the hurt I can't control Chorus 2: 'Cause although you're gone I keep holding on To the happy time, ooh When you were mine As I peer through the window of lost time Lookin' over my yesterday And all the love I gave all to you Bridge: Bb Eb Dm Gm / / (All the love) All the love that I've wasted Eb Dm Gm (All the tears) All the tears that I've tasted Eb Dm Gm Gb Ebm6/Gb F Bb / / / / / / / / / / / / Ooh, yeah Verse 3: Through the hollow of my tears I see a dream that's lost From the hurt that you have caused Everywhere I turn Seems like everything I see Reflects the love that used to be Chorus 3: In you I put All my faith and trust Right before my eyes My world has turned to dust Post-chorus 3: After all the nights I sat alone and wept Just a handful of promises Are all that's left of loving you [repeat chorus 1] [repeat chorus 3; fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers