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 Where Did Our Love Go de Supremes

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Where Did Our Love Go - Supremes sur
WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO written by Holland/Dozier/Holland performed by the Supremes tab transcribed by Collins Crapo> (2 measures of clapping) G7* C G 1. Baby, baby baby, don't leave me 2.8. I've got this burnin', burnin', yearnin' feelin' in-side me 3. You came into my heart so tender-ly 4. And now that I've surrendered so honest-ly 5. Baby, baby where did our love go? 6. (instrumental)-------------------------------------------------------- 7. Baby, baby where did our love go? 9. Before you won my heart you were a perfect guy** G7 Dm G 1. Ooo, please don't leave me all by my-self 2.8. Ooo, deep in-side me and it hurts so bad 3. With a burnin' love that stings like a bee 4. You wanna leave me, ooo, you wanna leave me 5. Oh, don't you want me? Don't you want me no more? 6. -------------------------------------------------------- 7. And all your promises of love forever more 9. But now that you've got me you wanna leave me be-hind (from verse 3 on, background vocals of "Baby baby" and the title) 10. repeat verse 1 and fade * In the first verse, the first G7 does not apply. Play C and sing "Baby, baby" immediately after the clapping. ** Variation for male singers: "You were a perfect girl"