System Of A Down


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 The Metro de System Of A Down

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The Metro - System Of A Down sur
This is the correct way to play this song. all the other versions on the net i've seen have all been wrong. i'm about 100% positive THE METRO - SYSTEM OF A DOWN TUNING - STANDARD Intro w/dist Intro II w/dist vobrato - - -| e-12-12-12-1212-12-1212-12|--8---4---3---1-------------------- b-------------------------|----8---6---4---3--1/\/\/\/\/\/\/\- g-------------------------|------------------------------------ d-------------------------|------------------------------------ a-------------------------|------------------------------------ e-------------------------|------------------------------------ Verse 1 - no guitar Verse 2 and outro verse "I'm alone..." D----5-------6--6--3--5--------- A--3---6--3-------------6------- E------------------------------- P.M. - - - - - - - - - - - - | Guitar 2 Verse 2 - w/dist e--8-8-8-8---------- b--8-8-8-8---------- g------------------- Choruses w/dist (strumming pattern not notated) g-3-5---8|-3-5----------------------- D-3-5-6-8|-3-5-6-x-6-x-6-x-6-6------- A-1-3-6-6|-1-3-6-x-6-x-6-x-6-6------- E-----4--|-----4-x-4-x-4-x-4-4------- i remember searching... Bridge w/dist g--------------------------- D-----6-x-6-x-6-x-6-6------- A-----6-x-6-x-6-x-6-6------- E-----4-x-4-x-4-x-4-4------- solo e--8------------|-8------------|-8---15-13--------------------|--------------| b----8--9-6-8-9-|---8--9-6-8-9-|---8-------15-16--13-12-11-10-|-13-12-11-10--| g---------------|--------------|------------------------------|--------------| If you have any questions or comments, email me at