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 20th Century Boy de T Rex

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20th Century Boy - T Rex sur Guitariff.net
T. Rex 20th Century boy Words/music by Marc Bolan/T.rex Transcribed by: Phil Sellars 7th July 2001. I haven't seen a good tab of this song anywhere on the internet before so I decided I'd do something about it! This is my first tab and I would like to get feedback on what you thought of it (slag it off if you must) My address is philsellars@hotmail.com. Intro. E, E (oww) e ------------------------------------ B------------------------------------- G----1-------------------------------- D----2-------------------------------- A----2-------------------------------- E---------0-0-3-0-- 3b4--0--3b4--0 (repeat) Verse This is a blues style riff. e-- ---------------------- B----2-2--4 --2- 2- 4--- G--- 2-2--4 2 2 4---- D--- 2-2--4 -2 2 4----- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- (friends say its fine...) (repeat) Then repeat intro then repeat verse again then it goes to the bridge. Bridge A (and its plain to see) B (you were meant for me) E (I'm your boy 20th century toy) Back to intro, verse, intro, verse, then bridge then the chorus. Chorus. (D) (C)(D) (F)* (D) 20th century boy, I wanna be your toy these are best played as barre chords with the F played on the 8th fret CHORDS. (D) (C) (F) (E) e------5-----------3-----------8--------------- B------5-----------3-----------8--------------- G------7-----------5----------10---------1----- D------7-----------5----------10---------2----- A------5-----------3-----------8---------2----- E------5-----------3-----------8--------------- Happy strumming!!! Tabbed by Phil Sellars 7th July 2001